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Shiro, Masaki Matsushima


Pure and white in Japanese is translated by the word Shiro.
Based on the obsession of cleanness and neatness, this perfume is a conceptual translation of a social aspect of the Japanese society. Masaki wanted in a way to address his fellow country women with their own obsessions and tell the rest of the world: this is how we are and this is the image we want to project.
It is  amusing how during the design, he added a black spot to underline the whiteness of the bottle and without any explanation declaring that he is paying tribute to a famous Mouse….

A “clean cloth”, detoxifying, relaxing fragrance.

This fresh floral clean fragrance opens with a delicate white bouquet of cotton flower, rose & cyclamen, and then the “Clean Linen” heart melts into a soft white powdery base of orris and musks for a unique olfactory experimentation.


Products from the serie Shiro available in our offer:


Shiro eau de parfum 40ml


Shiro eau de parfum 80ml

Head notes

cotton flower, cyclamen, white rose

Heart notes

clean linen

Base notes

powdery, white iris, crystal musc