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Masaki Masaki, Masaki Matsushima

She is an elegant young woman who lives on Park Avenue, shops on Fifth, strolls in Central Park and attends retrospectives at Manhattans museums. She is simply chic and light pink is her favorite color.

Designer Masaki Matsushima found inspiration for his new perfume in this distinguished upper class New York character. It is an unusually feminine approach, a transgression from his minimalist trans-gender style. The result is a classy and rich fragrance that, surprisingly, is easily recognizable as a creation of the Japanese trend setter.

Jean Jacques, Masakis nose traveled from Paris to New York for inspiration and spent the summer, walking around the elegant parts of the city, capturing the vibrations of its modern-chic atmosphere. The final fragrance is an explosive mix of Japanese and American senses put together by a French perfumer.


Products from the serie Masaki Masaki available in our offer:


Masaki Masaki eau de parfum 40ml


Masaki Masaki eau de parfum 80ml

Head notes

Raspberry, Patchouli, Crystal Musk, White Cedar Wood

Heart notes

Litchi, Fuji Apple, Passion Fruit, Watermelon

Base notes

Sakura, Angel Face Rose, Magnolia