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art, Masaki Matsushima

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Take a Japanese hand-held fan. Arrange it in all directions to create a pattern. Then cast this motif in white on a rangy fan-like geometrical bottle. No colors, but a box with shaped holograms that reflect shades of the rainbow .

Why art?
To the avant-garde designer Masaki Matsushima, the fan, a traditional feminine accessory is emblematic of Japanese artistic representation. Drawn in stylized minimalistic repeated mono-colored shapes, the pattern is projected like a veil; an interesting form of the Japanese modern art.

Taking inspiration from his western influences, Masaki combines the epitome of urban culture “pop ‘art “ with his Tokyo vision .The result is a conceptual packaging containing a typical French-Japanese scent.

This signature Perfume will be highly appreciated by fans who loved the first mat;

A fragrance created as a piece of Art.
An exquisite and feminine fragrance, where fizzy bergamot, juicy ume and exotic starfruit reveal a beautiful floral heart with Japanese Sakura, romantic tea rose and delicate linen flower. Then white cedarwood and clean musk evoke an elegant unique trail.


Products from the serie art available in our offer:


art eau de parfum 40ml


art eau de parfum 80ml

Head notes

Bergamot, Ume, Star Fruit

Heart notes

Sakura, Tea Rose, Linen Flower

Base notes

White Cedarwood, Cristal Musk