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Marina De Bourbon


The House of Bourbon is definitely one of the most famous French families dating back to the Xth century. The House of Bourbon is closely involved in the French and European destiny (Russia, Austria, Hungary, Holland, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Rumania, Luxemburg). Nowadays, the Bourbon still seigns over the Spanish branch with Juan Carlos the 1st, and over the Grand Duch of Luxemburg. The Bourbon name has been a symbol of power and glory for centuries, and today has become a sign of prestige, style, manners and French refinement.

Princesse Marina de Bourbon

La Princesse Marina de Bourbon is a very dynamic woman, well known of all personalities of the mode, she does not belong to any private circle but knows all of them.
For years, she dedicated herself to handcrafts, arts and creations, and ended up opening her own Parisian Boutique (or sitting room, or Salon), which is located now 112 Boulevard de Courcelles in Paris. Her Boutique is a place of surprise and appointment for a world of princesses, artists, press and show-business people, politicians, attached to fancy and up-to-date touch and typical French way of life. In a white and blue atmosphere, colour code of Marina de Bourbon house, her Boutique offers original and surprising, beautiful but simple, different and authentic objects, in the spirit of her tradition and identity.Her style is distinguished, smart but also relaxed and casual to enable visitors to enjoy their journey in her Boutique, discovering : Luxurious items :
shoes and clothes
An incredible variety of leather working of voyage
Jewels created by her own imagination
Parfums Princesse Marina de Bourbon
She extended the concept to her tea-room where she offers her fascinating creations of fine teas, decoration of interior and Arts of the table. Then after, she succeeded to develop in deep cooperation with ZYLANGIA team and Mr. Gilles Pommereau a complete line of selective and fine fragrances signed by Marina de Bourbon.


In 1993, a famous perfumer introduces Mr. Gilles POMMEREAU to Her Excellency Royal the Princess Marina de Bourbon. After a rich and enthusiastic dialogue, they will immediately decide to collaborate and create a new perfume Le Parfum de la Princesse Marina de Bourbon Parme. Certainly, all was presumed to gather them on the same path, as their common taste for Priceless and Excellence, as their inner sense of unbounded creativity and without constraint, their unique experiment of the Luxury and the Beautiful. It has been the starting point towards a great and marvellous adventure.