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    Fabrics care

Pleasure of sight and senses, filled with essential oils, the Home Care line combines design and efficiency. More than a simple line, Durance creates a new lifestyle.

Gentleness and tenderness before all. Durance drew from the tradition of the washerwomen of Provence to create a line of washing machine liquid detergent, rolex replica softener and linen water that will transform linen care into an act of mere refinement. The line was elaborated with a natural antibacterial active issued from cosmetic research and adds to linen care protection of delicate skin. Perfumes of lavender, orange blossom or lime blossom in a bottle with gentle and transparent shades embody a moment of intimate and elegant art of living.


Products from the serie Fabrics care available in our offer:


Extra soft liquid washing 1l. Scented with natural essential oils from Grasse

Extra soft liquid washer in effective and efficient way removes dirt from fabrics and precisely selected natural essential oils delicately perfumes them (clothes, bedclothes, table cloths, underwear etc.)

044302-5 - Lime blossom
044301-8 - Lavender form Provence
044300-1 - Orange flower


Textile softener 1l. Scented with natural essential oils from Grasse

Wonderful textile softener (for clothes, bedclothes, table cloths, underwear etc.). It protects and softens fabrics and special aromatic composition makes them smell fresh as summer morning.

044202-8 - Lime blossom
044201-1 - Lavender from Provence
044200-4 - Orange flower


Scented water for ironing 1l scented with natural essential oils from Grasse

Durance introduces superb water for ironing, which thanks to natural essentional oils form Grasse wonderfully perfumes fabrics. Water facilitates ironing and has antistatic properties.

044002-4 - Lime blossom
044001-7 - Lavender form Provence
044000-0 - Orange flower


Bottle with applicator pump