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Suu, Masaki Matsushima

Take a deep breath: Suu…  in Japanese.


Once again Masaki’s latest concept is related to life. After the water in mat; aqua, the element that inspired the designer for his new feminine perfume is air. But instead of the light approach and transparency that one could have expected, he surprises us by a more philosophical and somehow oriental approach: the breathing here is deep, transcendental and Zen. We are more in a universe of respected shrine somewhere in Asia than on top of the Alps.


The perfume starts with explosion of exotic juicy fruits for a cheerful opening, while the heart transforms itself into a breath of delicate and extremely feminine and flowers. The combination of Crystal musk and White Cedarwood in the drydown create a unlimited moment of serenity and relaxation.


The shape of the bottle is like an open mouth, in a deep breathing attitude. With the cap on top, we have the impression that it is a pump ready to deliver air wherever is needed. The foundation colors of the whole, reminds us of the dress and the flags of peaceful monks.


Products from the serie Suu available in our offer:


Suu... Eau de Parfum 40ml


Suu.. Eau de Parfum 80ml

Head notes

Nashi (Japanese apple), Boongon (Chinese Grapefruit), Star Fruit

Heart notes

Star Jasmine, Lotus Flower

Base notes

Star Jasmine, Lotus Flower