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Festival of senses and perfume mosaics, where spicy fragrances meet fruity, romantic notes. Scents from here and there to create your personal ambiance.

Durance home fragrances displays all the simplicity of essential Provence with a range of products that create a natural, elegant and warm atmosphere. Candles, scented bouquets, pillow perfumes. Perfume becomes light and adds a precious intimacy to your interior. Olfactory creation and design bear an original collection of fragrances, which is frequently renewed and enriched to multiply every desire and every mood. Almond flower, grapefruit-fig, lavender, Pine in Provance, honey-amber, cotton flower... Every fragrance is sweet or calm, and gives a tone to your interior, calls to a desire or a souvenir.


Products from the serie Home fragrances available in our offer:


100 ml ~ Home perfume, with natural essential oils from Grasse - 3.38 fl.oz spray
din standard pdf


50 ml ~ Pillow perfume /natural spray/ on basis of natural essential oils
1.69 fl. oz - spray

The formula for our pillow perfume is specially made to be used on the linen. Our delicate perfumes will help you have a relaxing sleep. Spray the perfume onto the pillow or the sheets before going to sleep, and enjoy the benefits of our pillow perfume range throughout the night. Avoid direct contact with the eyes and do not use on fragile linen like lace.

042512-0 Rose
042548-9 Cotton flower
042505-2 Lavender
042594-6 Passion flower
042521-2 Lime blossom
042501-4 Cool night
042500-7 Tender night
042595-3 Evening herbal tea

180 g ~ Handcraft perfumed candle - 6.34 oz.

Our perfumers from Grasse have elaborated the original compositions of perfume to adapt them to our artisanal candles. The wax utilised is of a very high quality and the wicks are guaranteed to be lead free.
The candle is designed to burn for up to 40 hours. For the maximum benefit, let the candle burn for at least an hour.

045251-5 Amber
045239-3 Bamboo
045209-6 Orange-cinnamon
045218-8 Tea leafs
045241-6 Grapefruit-fig
045248-5 Cotton flower
045205-8 Lavender
045284-3 Spice tea
045283-6 Peony
045250-8 Provencal pine
045212-6 Rose
045201-0 Vanilla
045207-32 Verbena
045245-4 Almond blossom
045228-7 Orange blossom
045235-5 Red fruit
045240-9 Jasmin
045293-5 Orchid
045203-4 Cherry blossom
045285-0 Heliotrope
045287-4 Watermelon
045234-8 Amber-honey
045225-6 Partchouli

Natural incense wood stics
case of 30 pcs - display box of 18

042309-6 Orange cinnamon
042318-8 Tea Leafs
042341-6 Graperfuit-fig
042340-9 Jasmine
042305-8 Lavender
042334-8 Amber-honey
042350-8 Pine in Provence
042312-6 Rose
042307-2 Verbena

Perfumed bouquet - an elegant bottle of perfume 100ml + 8 rattan sticks

The perfume used in our bouquets is produced by our perfumers from Grasse. It impregnates the sticks of wood and delicately perfumes your room.
This decorative accessory will perfume your room for weeks. Once inserted into the perfume, the sticks absorb the perfume and then slowly release the delicate scents. To prolong the pleasure, Durance proposes a perfume refill and packs of sticks.

045451-9 Amber
045461-8 White tea
045409-0 Orange - cinnamon
045440-3 Jasmine
045405-2 Lavender
045412-0 Rose
045448-9 Cotton flower
045407-6 Verbena
045403-8 Cherry blossom
045486-1 Night Gallant
045468-7 Ginger-cardamom
045465-6 Iris

Perfumed refill
for perfumed bouquet 250ml

045551-6 Amber
045518-9 White tea
045509-7 Orange - cinnamon
045540-0 Jasmine
045505-9 Lavender
045512-7 Rose
045548-6 Cotton flower
045507-3 Verbena
045503-5 Cherry blossom
045586-8 Night Gallant
045568-4 Ginger-cardamom
045565-3 Iris

Sticks for scented bouquet 20 pcs. din standard pdf


Scented rose flower: 100ml perfum + flower in wood paper


Scented flower bouquet: perfum 100ml + 4 rattan sticks + 4 rattan sticks-flower


Scented flower lotus: perfum 100ml + flower in wood paper


Scent envelope - display box of 14 pcs

A charming and elegant scent envelope to scent small areas : drawers, cupboards, lugage, small rooms or even your car…The envelope contains natural grains that are perfumed, for gradual release. Simply place the envelope where you wish and the perfume will gradually release itself by evaporation.

045727-5 Cedar
045748-0 Cotton flower
045712-1 Rosewood
045705-3 Lavender
045728-2 Orange blossom
045760-2 Narcissus
045736-7 Vanilla
045707-7 Verbena
045709-1 Orange - cinnamon

Melting pieces of perfume
box of 8 pcs

045851-7 Amber
045879-1 Baked cookies
045809-8 Orange - cinnamon
045818-0 Tea leafs
045805-0 Lavender

Incense cones with natural essential oils - case of 30 pcs. 

042409-3 Orange cinnamon
042418-5 Tea leaf
042441-3 Grapefruit fig
042445-1 Almond blossom
042440-6 Jasmine
042405-5 Lavender
042434-5 Amber-honey
042450-5 Pine in Provence
042412-3 Rose
042401-7 Vanilla
042407-9 Verbena

Decorative scented balls

045109-9 Orange-cinnamon
045105-1 Lavender
045134-1 Amber-honey
045107-5 Verbena

Bulb ring, natural essential oils are activated by heat
(ring must be sprinkled with DURANCE natural essential oils)
diam. 84/43 mm


Incense dish


A terracota burner with an enameld white crackle finish. The concave top is ideal for placeing our melting pieces of perfume or a few drops of essential oil for diffusion. A te light candle should be placed inside the pot and ignited.


Concentrated home perfume 30ml

039039-8 Bamboo
039009-1 Orange - cinnamon
039027-5 Cedar
039018-3 Tea leaf
039045-9 Almond blossom
039040-4 Jasmine
039005-3 Lavender
039034-3 Amber-honey
039001-5 Vanilla
039007-7 Verbena

Essential oils electric diffuser


Glass spout for electric diffuser


Electric diffuser cleaner


30 ml ~ natural essential oil for diffuser

015737-3 Meditation
015735-9 Puryfying
015732-8 Relaxing
015738-0 Breathe
015734-2 Sensual

10 ml ~ natural essential oil - Display 12 pcs.

015604-8 Lemon
015687-1 Citronella
015689-5 Eucaliptus
015686-4 Lavender
015609-3 Tangerine
015685-7 Mint
015684-0 Sweet orange
015663-5 Grapefruit - fig
015605-5 Patchouli
015688-8 Pine
015683-3 Rosemary
015691-8 Tea tree
015607-9 Verbena

Wooden diffuser
with natural essential oil

standards pdf store

Set of 3 diffuser stics for wooden diffuser with natural essential ois digital standards pdf