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Prince Blanc, Marina de Bourbon

Subtle and fresh  : Prince Blanc

Neither Prince Charming nor Prince of darkness, neither crown prince nor Prince Consort, neither towns prince nor desert prince, for Princesse Marina de Bourbon, the modern day Prince, between tradition and modernity,  is a conqueror who’s afraid of nothing, is an entrepreneur who forges always ahead, thoughtfully , determinedly with  elegance. He’s the first because is multitalented….

Each element of the product shows modernity, refinement and all the codes of an timeless elegant masculinity. Simplicity and purity of the lines of  the bottle treated in an opaque and shiny glass. The cap, in the same color as the bottle reminds the precious one of the old toilet crystal bottles. For the folding carton, a de luxe touch is give by a crocodile style print matching perfectly to the color of the bottle.

Soft touch of freshness of the Bergamot in top notes combined to the sharp note and character of the Grapefruit. An herbaceous and fresh heart note given by the Peppermint mixed to the crisp and green aquatic note of the Watermelon. Sensual, clean and skin note of Musks enriched with the woody , refined and soft notes of the Cedarwood and Palissandre wood


Products from the serie Prince Blanc available in our offer:


Prince Blanc eau de toilette 100ml

Head notes

Bergamot, Grapefruit

Heart notes

Peppermint, Watermelon

Base notes

Musk, Cedarwood, Palissandre wood