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Fleur de LYS, Marina de Bourbon


Fleur de Lys draws woman to fully, cheerfully enter the miraculous sensation of freshness, joy, love beauty that Nature offer us.

Sparkling, joyous, shining, this spring fragrance full of vitality, frees our body and soul to wonderful pleasures, with natural grace.

For a sparkling woman, full of live, in perfect symbiosis with Nature, in perfect harmony with her nature.


Fleur de Lys  arrives in a flacon of the same form as its antecedents dedicated to lily, characteristic of  the brand Princesse Marina de Bourbon.

The new creation of Fleur de Lys  reveals a whole new world and completely different colours, which are lively and green pastel.

This fragrance has been created around the Lily flower,
This flower enhances a very delicate and sensual note with a sunny trail.


A fresh , zesty fruity opening with lemon, green apple and watery green bamboo leaves. The heart of this creation unveils a delicate femininity with a bouquet of hyacinth, jasmine, white rose petals and the emblematic lily flower. The dry down creates and extreme lingering effect with the contemporary white musk, sensual amber, cedar wood and transparent woods.



Products from the serie Fleur de LYS available in our offer:


Fleur de LYS EDP 30ml


Fleur de LYS EDP 50ml


Fleur de LYS EDP 100ml

Head notes

lemon, green apple, bamboo leaves

Heart notes

hyacinth, jasmine, white rose petals, lily flower

Base notes

white musk, amber, cedar wool, transparent woods